The “TRIPLO” filter is a different design based on existing filter systems like cartridge- and bag filters. The name “TRIPLO” already explains it's purpose. The “TRIPLO” filter is one filter with three options: cartridge filter, bag filter and basket filter. Three possible filters in one and the same filter housing.
It is often very difficult to know in advance which of the above filters one needs for a certain job. The “TRIPLO” filter makes it possible to adjust your choice later to a changed situation. By simply changing the internals one can produce different filter.
Sometimes bags gets blocked too fast. This means it may be a better option to switch to cartridges with a larger filter area.
Next to the multiple-choice system the “TRIPLO” filter also has a guaranteed sealing for micro filtration, because the fixation of the internals is not connected to the cover mechanism. It is a separate part of the system.  The cartridgefilter operates up-flow and the particles are kept in the bottomside of the housing. Changing cartridges is no more than an easy operation, by moving the filter pack upwards on a center rod in the filter housing. The cartridges are removed to the sideways by pushing a spring while the filter pack is fixated by a restricting mechanism.
The basket- and bagfilter operate down-flow, so when the filter is switched from cartridge to bag one also has to switch the in- and outlet. The filterhouses can be also made duplex or with a double body.


Advantages of the “ Triplo ” filter are:

  • Flexible in applications
  • Three filters for one price
  • Good sealing, also at low microsizes
  • Ergonomic design, easy handling

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