Memtrex membrane filter cartridges

  • For applications where the highest quality is required
  • Manufactured with polypropylene pleat protector and provided with a polyethersulfone membrane
  • FDA approved (article 21) food safe
  • Meets the criteria for USP24 Class VI - 121 degrees Celcius plastics
  • 100% integrity tested
  • Also available in pharmaceuticle grade with double filter layer and integrity certificate. Meets HIMA guidelines and is designed for sterile end filtration
  • The pleated (folded) structure of the cartridge creates a very large filter surface, which results in a low resistance and a high flow capacity
  • Available in the following filter levels: 0,03 / 0,1 / 0,2 / 0,45 en 0,65 micron
  • Maximum operating temperature: 82 degrees Celcius
  • Available in the lengths: 10, 20, 30 and 40 inch
  • The Memtrex membrane filter cartridges are manufactured with silicone, Viton or EPDM gaskets for 100% sealing. Possible end caps are: E-222/M-224, F-226, H-Fin, S-Closed

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