Woven and Non-woven Filter cloth

V&T Group has a whole range of woven and non-woven filter cloth. Our program consists of more than 350 different types, which all have unique properties.
It is also possible to combine these different types, by laminating them. The customer can choose between woven cloth (permanent), which is cleanable and has a long life or non-woven cloth (disposable), which is cheaper.
The textiles we sell, are already exclusively in use at the Fiat factories and are also used in production plants of Suzuki, GM and Alcoa. We are also able to add properties to our filter media, we call these media "intelligent textiles". Examples of these custom properties are: oil absorbing, chemical binding and bacteria and viruses killing (anti bio-fouling).
Within the filtration branch there is a large variety of  systems that use woven and non-woven material, like paper filters, pressure filters, vacuum filters, gravity filters and numerous types of air filters (for example in extraction systems for paint cabins and workshops). V&T Group can also supply the complete filter system.
Our textiles are, next to the fact that V&T Group is specialized in filtration, also usable for several other purposes. The branches we  serve are: the automotive-, cement-, paint-, metal-, agricultural-, textile-, electricity-, and sewing industry and to companies who operate in infrastructure, construction, hygienic products, medical products and upholstery.
For every possible application we have suitable textiles in our assortment. We are always happy to supply test roles to support your projects.


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